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Mon Dec 10th 2012


Cadence Performance Cycling continues to be lead by Director and Head Coach Nick Formosa who continues to lead the way in cycle coaching and Retül bike fitting in Australia.

Cadence Performance Cycling recently welcomed Aaron Lean to the family. Aaron's position is split between performing the duties of Business Development Manager, Retül Bike Fitter and Retül University Associate Faculty.  Aaron has joined Cadence Performance Cycling with a successful background in coaching, primarily triathlon, and 10 years experience as a bike fitter. Aaron was one of the earliest users of the Retül system in Australia and within three years has joined the Retül "Army" as an Associate Faculty at the Retül University providing education on Bike Fit philosophy and the latest 3D methods and technology.

Aaron has moved from Newcastle, NSW with his wife Caroline and 3 year old daughter Ella and aims to return to cycle and triathlon racing after an almost 9 year hiatus. A new bike fitted by Cadence Performance Cycling's Director Nick Formosa being the incentive to log the mileage required to get back into his sports.

Nick continues to Fit on a regular basis whilst maintaining a high level of active cycle coaching locally, nationally and internationally. Nick has had great success this year coaching and mentoring athletes competing and medalling at every level including the Olympic Games.

Nick has also returned to some very consistent riding mileage and even dipped his toe into the local criterium racing whilst overseeing his Junior development athletes - multi-tasking as all good coaches do!

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Do you have a friend or relative that suffers from a sore back, neck or shoulders when they ride? Do they complain of soft tissue numbness or soreness after riding? Does your training partner constantly shift in the saddle and never seems to ride as strongly as they could?

Does your loved one, partner, child or best friend want a new bicycle for Christmas? Are they are unsure of what size is right for them? Are they less than confident in the local bike shop?

If you, or someone you know, can answer yes to any of these questions then this Christmas why don't you relieve your loved ones and friends of their cycling aches, discomforts or frustrations by giving them a Retül 3D Motion Capture Bike Fit on their Existing Bike or if they are looking at a new bike why not help them ENSURE they choose the most appropriate bike for them by having a Retül 3D Motion Capture Bike Fit for New Bike on Retül Muve.

Our Retül 3D Motion Capture Bike Fit on their Existing Bike is just $299.00 if purchased and booked in December. 
Our Retül 3D Motion Capture Bike Fit for New Bike on Retül Muve is $350.00 if purchased and booked in December.


Retül Vantage + Retül Müve + world-leading Bike Fitters = Retül Total Fit Solutions!

In November this year Retül released their 3rd generation Motion Capture system the Vantage and Cadence Performance Cycling is the FIRST Fit Studio in the Southern Hemisphere to have it!

Cadence now has Retül's Total Fit Solution package with two of the leading Retül Bike Fitters in the world. What better hands can you be in for your Bike Fit needs!

The Retül Vantage system is the first totally wireless 3D Dynamic Motion Analysis system designed specifically for bike fitting.

The Retül Müve dynamic fit bike features simple turn crank movement allowing for XY adjustability while a rider is on the bike during the fit. The Müve adds to the efficiency and smooth flow of each bike fit for a rider looking to purchase a new bike. 

Vantage's 3D motion capture capabilities coupled with the Müve dynamic fit bike means you can be fitted and have a new frame and components selected within an hour!

This is the perfect combination for anyone that is considering a new bicycle. Imagine having the confidence in your fit AND being able to walk into a store with your Report outlining the correct frame and ALL the necessary components and frame size required!

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