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Individual testing is an excellent means by which to monitor your body and your progress to ensure that you are consistently working towards your optimum fitness level.  Through blood tests, nutrition programs and performance analysis, we can continuously refine your program to ensure that you never plateau.


Indoor Field Test and Results Analysis

These tests allow your current fitness levels to be benchmarked and monitored.  Once your benchmark is known, your training program can be structured to ensure that you get the fitness levels you are aiming for.

Lactate Threshold Test

This test measures the point at which lactate starts to accumulate in the blood faster than it can be metabolised by your body.  From this, your training program can be structured to increase your lactate threshold and thereby improving your performance.

Health Services

Body Composition Analysis

This analysis is carried out using an accurate medical device which assesses various indicators of your health including fat and muscle mass, fluid distribution, cellular function and biological age.

Nutrition and weight management Analysis

Learn how to manage your diet and maintain your weight for optimum health with our experienced nutrition and weight management consultants.

Biomechanical Services

Retul 3D Bike Fit

At Cadence Cycling, we recognise that a proper bike fit is essential for performance, comfort and injury prevention.  That's why we use the state-of-the-art Retul (3-D) system to optimise your riding position.  Using this advanced system, Cadence's Master Bike Fitters can collect accurate and realistic data from seven key anatomical points in your riding position.  This then enables them to profile existing (before) and ideal (after) angles for your custom needs.
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Pedal Analysis

Pedal Analysis helps you increase power and efficiency by determining cycling power distribution.  For this, we use the CompuTrainer, a world leader in the field of indoor electronic bicycle training systems.  State of the art technology is combined with highly motivational 3D interactive graphics to create an outstandingly effective indoor training experience.  CompuTrainer increases your cycling power by 20-30% and your speed by 3 to 6 kph.  Whatever your starting point, you'll move up in the rankings.
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Field Test and Results Analysis $150
Lactate Threshold Test $149
Body Composition Analysis $99
Nutritional Analysis $99
Retul 3 D Bike Fit $329
Retul 3 D Bike Fit (second bike) $149
Pedal Analysis $150
Maximum Heart Rate Test $100

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